Lab 1

Today i started to get organized. I gathered up all of the work i wanted to include in the portfolio. I had my header already nearly done so i finished that and uploaded it to the portfolio. This took a lot of time because i actually had more work to do than anticipated but now I’m happy with how it looks! next week i hope to start making the different pages and adding my text! I then realized I didn’t like my header and it wasn’t working so I created a brand new one.

header11 this is my first header

header22this is the one i decided to use

colourschemei matched the background to the colourscheme


Today I got exactly what I needed done! I added the pages that I wanted and uploaded some of my work. There is still a few pieces I don’t know whether to include. I want there to be enough to show off my abilities but not so much that it’s overwhelming! I started writing descriptions for each piece of work and putting them in the right order etc.




Today I organized the information that I wanted to include in the introduction to the portfolio. It took some time for me to write this as I wanted it to be perfect because it is the first thing people will see! It was very important to me to not have this too long or short and to be descriptive and to show off my abilities. I think that now it is suited to employers.



Today I wrote more on each piece of work and added in a wiki that I created. I also created a contact page and form. I added in some more info into my introduction and did some general tidying up. I spent a lot of time updating and editing existing contact to make sure that I was happy with it. I changed my title to make it clear this is a portfolio and I also added in a quote. I added in widgets and a poll on the home page.

quotewidgets on the right hand side



pollthe poll

Final Lab Post

Overall I feel that this has been an invaluable experience. This portfolio will aid me greatly in the future and creating it has been a lot of fun. I started out looking at wordpress tutorials and getting a feel for the site. I then moved on to creating my header, I created two and used the second one which I preferred. It took a while to go through my pieces of work and to decide what to include. I chose some photoshop and illustrator work, group work, prototyping and website design. I chose a colour scheme to match my header. I spent a lot of time on my introduction to make sure it was perfect. I added in widgets to the home page and included a poll to see what piece of work people think is the best. I included a quote that I like at the top of each page to make it more personal.I really enjoyed creating this portfolio!

Final home

my full finished homepage

this is my checklist




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